WIFI Signal Problems? Read Here Why It Happens

The presence of technology has a major influence in human daily life. Almost certainly everyone is now dependent on technology. One of the technological developments that is very helpful in meeting daily needs is the internet.


Internet Is A Must and Essential For Everyone 

The internet is a communication network that connects one electronic media to other media. To get an internet network, a person needs electronic equipment that can exchange data wirelessly or radio waves called WiFi.

Then, some of the technological equipment that can use WiFi include computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital audio players. This technological equipment is capable of connecting with internet network sources via a wireless network. Through WiFi, everyone can easily access the internet network.


However, it is not uncommon for this WiFi network to have problems or slow connections, this is triggered by various factors such as wireless interference, router configuration, and other technical problems. Then, how to strengthen the WiFi signal? Check out the opinions and tips and tricks down below stated down below.


First: Find The Causes of Slow WiFi Signal

First and foremost, the most appropriate way to strengthen a WiFi signal is to find out the cause. Wifi has become a prime lookout for everyone in the house. Almost all daily activities now cannot be separated from the role of wifi. Various fields have used this facility, such as work in offices, schools and so on.


When the wifi network is slow, this can interfere and hinder daily activities. This slow wifi network can be affected by various factors, including the following:


Second: Wifi Problem Router Position


One of the causes of a slow Wifi network is the incorrect position of the router. The reason is, routers should not be placed carelessly, such as in closed rooms, floors, in closed rooms and close to other electronic items. The placement of the router that is not suitable can cause the Wifi network to be slow.


Third: Wifi LAN Cable Disconnected

The next cause of a slow Wifi network is a disconnected LAN cable. So before using this internet network, you should first check the condition of the LAN cable. Make sure the LAN cable is plugged in properly, so it doesn’t interfere with the received Wifi signal strength.


Fourth: Too Many Wifi Users Using Them At The Same Times


One of the most common causes of slow Wifi is too many Wifi users. This condition can affect internet speed. Some places that often make the Wifi network slow, such as in public places, restaurants, and shopping centers. Then, of course one of the solutions is the top patlite signal tower in Malaysia is needed. Like really, it will help. 


In A Nutshell 

Even so, WiFi networks in Malaysia in particular are still oftentimes slow. To solve this problem, there are many things that can be done to strengthen the WiFi signal. Last but not least, find the best solutions for you okay? You would need that. Elcomp is one of the best brands of solutions out there.