Web Hosting

Which Website Hosting Option is Right For You?

There are lots of top hosting websites out there that ca offer dedicated, shared and free hosting services. All of them do the same thing–they host your website for it to be viewed by many people. Those three all differ in costs, benefits and installation process.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is when one server is utilized to host only a single website. This choice is mainly intended for websites with high traffic, and usually costs more than $100 every month. If you pick this kind of setup, you would need an IT team to help you maintain and manage the server, unless you settle for the more expensive managed dedicated hosting services.

Free Web Hosting

This website hosting option is entirely for free. This choice is good for an individual who is just starting out. Did you build your website solely for your family and friends? Then, go for the free option. However, if you are serious about encountering long-term success in the long run, then avoid this one. Free website hosting lacks several features.

Shared Hosting

This is the most common kind of web hosting. In shared hosting, you share your space with other website owners. Shared hosting provides usually provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, so you would never have to worry about your website going down so suddenly.