Where To Find Sex Toys At Malaysia?


To my dear sexplores, I know you guys might be pondering over how to get my hands over sex toys without even getting caught by anyone. Especially in Malaysia, its not an easy thing when it comes to finding sex toys at Malaysia.

It’s a totally a different scenario if you walk into any overseas country and find out sex toys that ranges from different brands to prices which is getting sold by a local market. 

Right?  Can’t even imagine it right? Well as well all know, Malaysia is known for its act of being decent at all times. This includes for sex toys which are consider as obscene as well. Yeah, you hear me right!  There’s even a Malaysian law that states that any kind of ownership of which consist porn elements such as sex tape, videos, pamphlets, pornographic pictures or even items such as sex toys can be seized by officials and the person who is convicted and can be up to jail for three years maximum. 

With all of that said, for sure my dear readers, would have been in a despair state of what kind of law this is, well this is a Malaysian law that opposes any obscene activities from taking place. Henceforth, how can I still get a sex toys in Malaysia? Well, my advice would be, always try to buy all of these sex toys from a reliable source. 

A reliable source can be anyone but make sure that it’s going to be someone local who knows this better. Moreover, we should be aware to not purchase any sex toys outside from Malaysia. Because when we do that, definitely the item that we ordered is going to be shipped out to Malaysia where it will go through the customs to know what is going on. And if the custom is ever to found out that you have been trying to get any kind of sex toy into Malaysia for multiple reasons, you are pretty likely going to be fined or even jailed to try to pull this trick on. 

Furthermore,  in order to approach this situation, we have to look at this matter in a more reasonable way rather than being angry about it. Malaysia is known for its cultural values and backgrounds. With that being in the line, there’s definitely no way that the law would legalize the use of sex toys in Malaysia to keep ourselves entertain as to how this act is called indecent.  So, even if we have successfully got the toys that we want, we should really be prepared to not get into the naughty list as much as often. And try to avoid telling anyone about this to anyone for your own purpose. 

Lastly, is there anywhere where you can find for sex toys at Malaysia? Yes there are some. And if you are someone who just can’t seem to be patient about it, then you are most welcome to click on SecretCherry. co to know more about sex toys, and how to get a hold of those things at Malaysia.