What Is MLM?


Almost everyone has heard of the word ‘MLM’. But what is exactly MLM? MLM is a multi-level marketing also known as network marketing or pyramid selling, where it is used by direct sales companies to invigorate existing distributors to bring in more recruits. Distributors are paid a commission of their recruits’ sales. Then, the new enlist become the network for the distributor or downline. This marketing scheme is to have the distributor and the recruit make sales to earn money. Many MLM schemes are legal but there are some that are illegal. For example, some direct selling companies run it as a pyramid scheme.


The MLM software is to assist direct sales companies and distributors with the sales and marketing process as the software has features to help with the lead generation, marketing, customer management, product distribution and inventory. As the MLM software is made specifically to help MLM or Network marketing, MLM companies uses these software to launch a marketing strategy where profit comes from two sources. They are:

  • Direct sales produced by a salesperson
  • Commision given to the salesperson based on the sales by their recruits.

Well Known (Legal) MLM Companies In Malaysia

Direct selling schemes are legal in Malaysia. This selling method is seen as a way to remove the middleman.

There are many MLM companies in Malaysia. Some of the notable ones that are no stranger are Coway, Amway and Cosway. Notable mentions are MLM companies in Malaysia

    • DXN
  • Chini Enterprise 
  • Tiens
  • Atomy
  • Edmark
  • Infinitus
  • Kyän

  • Gano Excel

MLM Cloud Software

Nowadays, you can even conduct direct selling online. There is now a thing called Cloud MLM Software where independent distributors can track and manage their direct selling business.

So what is the function of the MLM Cloud Software? It allows businesses to build and manage their marketing workflows. There are some programs that allow admins to auto send scheduled emails to clients and team members simultaneously. Thus, having a smooth communication process. Business owners can also integrate third-party eCommerce platforms. Not just that, business owners can also plan to schedule accordingly with MLM Cloud software. Thus, making handling business a lot easier.


Doing direct-selling is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are not a chatty and outspoken person, doing direct selling will be difficult as this type of job requires a lot of communication. Similar to being a salesperson. Not just that, the reason why direct-selling is not easy as this is multi-level marketing. Not everyone is keen to do this kind of job where they are required to recruit members as a downline to start making money. There is also a misconception where people think that MLM is a pyramid scheme. To which in a sense is true. However, doing direct selling under a legitimate, legal and reputable company can ensure that you won’t be doing a shady job. Lastly, it is not easy making contacts. When doing direct-selling. It is important to make as many contacts as you can. Or else, you will start to annoy your circle.

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