What Is Industrial Automation Malaysia?

The Industrial Automation Malaysia is the use control systems in factories. A job that was once occupied by human beings are now being replaced with computers, robots and information technologies to handle the work. This is part of Industry 4.0, and this is a step to mechanization in the industry.

advantages and disadvantages when it comes to industrial automation.

There are


High Productivity

With the shift to industrial automation, companies saw a huge jump in productivity. As compared to human productions, the workers only can work a certain number of hours. With machines, it is able to fulfil the aim of the company as the machine can work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, this increases the productivity of the company.

High Quality

The advantage of having the machines to do the work is the increase of the quality of the work. With humans, there will be some sort of working error as humans can get fatigued. However with robots, robots are able to produce quality work as it does not feel fatigued, and it will increase the quality of the work in the company.


Another advantage of industrial automation is that it can minimize the risk of getting injured. Companies can now deploy robots to handle hazardous conditions without needing a human to go there with the risk of getting hurt.


With robots, the job flexibility will improve greatly. In comparison with a human, robots can be programmed to do any task. Where else for humans, they have to take their time and learn how to perform the task. This increases the flexibility of the work process.

Maximize labour

It is said that more than 76 million baby boomers are set to retire over the next three decades and only 46 million new workers are available to replace them. With the lack of people to replace them, companies can use the robots and machines to be in place of the ones that used to be the baby boomers.



High upfront cost

The upfront cost to make the switch from human production to machinery production can be costly for the initial cost. Besides that, there will also be an additional cost to train employees on how to handle the new and complex machinery.

Expensive maintenance

Just like humans, the machines also need to have maintenance. The cost can be pretty expensive to have your machine have maintenance.

Lose jobs

With many jobs set to be replaced with machines, some of the jobs that were once done by humans will be replaced with machines. Unfortunately, some of the jobs on the line will be replaced, leaving people to lose their jobs.

Although, not all hope is lost as the shift to automation will also give people more jobs to do.


In summary, more and more industries are beginning to be fond of the industrial automation as the shift to machines have great benefit to work. For example, there has been an increase in work productivity, quality of work and safety at a low cost.


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