Top 3 Activities To Try During This MCO.

MCO or Movement Control Order has started to be implemented in our country more times than it should. Due to the pandemic, we can’t help but go through another phase of MCO due to the critical rise of COVID-19 cases. Not sure who is really to blame anymore, the citizens have no choice but to go along and try our best to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. MCO is not an easy phase since our daily routines have to be adjusted to the changes being forced upon us. An example of that is the operation of any industry including the Food & Beverage from 8am to 8pm. This means that no stores are allowed to be open outside of those operation hours. Despite being practical in curbing the rise of COVID-19, the citizens can’t help but complain about how hectic it makes their daily lives now. Imagine for those who got home from work at around 7pm, they have to rush every day if they want to buy their food for dinner. This is the same even if they work from home and decide to use mobile applications like Foodpanda or Grabfood where they order their food online and wait for the rider to deliver their food. Do you know that almost all stores closed their Foodpanda availability at around 7pm due to the massive amount of orders they have to prepare everyday. No matter how you look at it, the citizens continue to not get out of their houses.

Thus, what exactly can you do as you spend your time  at home?


An activity you can do at home is exercising. Exercising is a good way to release the pent up energy you feel after being forced at home all the time. You can run on the treadmill and even jump up and down a trampoline if you have one at home and are too lazy to exercise. 

Software Developing

If you have always been a fan of the technology, then perhaps software development might be your thing. You can even utilize malaysia mlm software if you are curious about developing software. 


Since working from home and online classes during MCO could be super challenging, it would be good for you to destress by joining a karaoke session, or two. It is a really good way to pass your time with your family since karaoke is also an effective way to train your vocals. Some families purchase a karaoke set as it is definitely worth it when you are lying down on the couch scrolling through mobile applications with your family members and losing your mind because of boredom.


MCO can give you the time and opportunity to learn some skills that you have been wanting to learn but have no time for that. If you want to learn how to bake, this is probably the only chance for you to ask your mom to teach you. Since she does not have to go to the office and stays home all the time now, you can spend time with her learning how to bake cookies and brownies. 


All in all, MCO can probably make us feel like we are losing our mind, especially to the people who are not used to staying at home. However, let’s not be selfish and work together in fighting COVID-19!