The Things You Need to Consider Before Deciding to Be a Wedding Planner

You are not a people person.

Wedding planners work with several kinds of vendors and clients. If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to be social and patient. Are you introverted and shy around people? Work hard to overcome your shyness! It’s possible to improve your social skills.

You can’t handle stress.

Do you know that the wedding planning job is considered as one of the most stressful careers ever? Many people pick this job because they always thrive on the madness and excitement that occurs during the wedding day. If you are good with stress management, this is a great career for you.

You are good with organization and multitasking.

A wedding planner takes organization and multitasking on a whole new level. You need to attend to all the necessities of your clients. From the purchase of that bridal tiara from Malaysia to the production of wedding accessories, you need to focus on everything.

You have no passion in event planning.

Never consider a wedding planning job unless you are passionate about it. In order to thrive and be successful in the long run, you have to be passionate in your craft. Many wedding planners sacrifice every single day just to be successful.

You don’t like evening and weekend work.

Client meetings at night and during the weekend can take significant time away from friends and family. Being on the wedding planning industry means having a crazy work schedule. You must be able to maintain work-life balance well.

You have no mediation and negotiation skills.

The entire wedding planning work is filled with mediation and negotiations. Along the way, you need to negotiate with vendors about the contract of the clients, and other small matters. If you have negotiating, then this career will be hard for you.