Protection Tips For A Girls’ Night Out

Hanging out with your friends promises a good time, especially after a hectic week. Nothing quite does it like a Friday night out with your girls. Unfortunately, when it comes to the world and how the woman is perceived, it can be dangerous. It shouldn’t be your problem, but it has been made to be and, therefore, we have to be extra careful about how we move when we go out. It is better to be safe. We should still be allowed to enjoy ourselves, but a little safety can go a long way especially when you are in a group of girls. And make sure you look out for each other because you are your sister’s keeper.



Go To Trusted Establishments

These establishments do not guarantee safety, however they may be able to navigate situations better than unlicensed ones. Therefore, if you want to gamble, it is better to try a trusted landed or a trusted online casino Malaysia  where they will be more careful because they wouldn’t want police involved in their business and will take extra care of their customers. These are also likely to have high monitoring and surveillance as well as security to ensure that characters do not get too rowdy. Bartenders are likely to pay closer attention to your drinks and understand the right codes if somebody feels harassed or bothered by an individual.


Stay In Groups

Staying in groups or pairs can be a huge help especially when somebody won’t leave you alone. Going to the bathroom, as well, is useful and making sure you’re aware of where everyone is. Be accountable for your friends and have them be accountable for you. Walking in groups also reduces the likelihood of people harassing you and it makes it easier to get out of trouble when there are other strong women right beside you. In the case that you are separated it helps to have your phone on and loaded with data so that you can message them quickly.


Cover Your Drinks

Covering your drinks when you go to the club or bar is another safety tactic that can help you out. While the bartender may be keeping an eye out, not all of them are able to keep up with the hustle and bustle as they will be taking orders. Learning to cover your drink or asking your friend to watch over it is helpful. There are also ways of telling if your drink has been spiked, including change of colour, detection of straws and others that may be available at the bar or may have to be purchased and carried around. In the case that you believe that something has been put in your drink, inform a friend and the bartender immediately and they will get the right help to you.