Learn about the Different Types of Hosting

Every marketer should familiarize the web hosting process and why, this is the best solution when it comes to running a website. Yes, there are other ways to manage your website, but then again, web vps windows hosting is already known to the best option.

There are different types of web hosting and it is best to know all your options so you will be able to decide wisely when it comes to choosing a hosting provider. Check this out:

Shared Hosting

Among the many types of web hosting, you can say that shared hosting is the most used, as this is also the most expensive. Just as how it sounds, when you say shared hosting, it means that you are not the only one using the space. There are others and thus the power of the server will be distributed to all its users. So, you can’t really expect for your site to be that fast and instead, you can expect some limitations. You just pray that the other websites being hosted along with you are not too popular as that means, they can get more of the power and that means, you will get less.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This is a more expensive option, but it has its own perks. For one, this is most appropriate for those who have a flourishing business already with a lot of customers, since they will need more space or more power. With a dedicated hosting, you will have all the space in a server. You don’t share with anyone and thus, the power of the server is all yours for the taking.

Virtual Private Server

You can say that this option is in the middle of the shared and dedicated hosting. You will share both its benefits and disadvantages. In this option, you are assigned of your own server, but it is not a physical one, only virtual. You will enjoy the same bandwidth and computing power the same way with the dedicated server. You will also enjoy fewer security issues. So basically, this is better than the shared hosting, but not as good as the dedicated hosting. But then again, this is also less expensive.

Managed Hosting

This is your best option if you need a server for your own needs, but you really don’t have the skills to administer the management. Thus, this is called managed hosting, because you will hire a provider to manage the server for you. Under this, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the plans. But the bottom line is, the provider will offer proactive technical support, hence the name. Your role in this option will greatly depend on the type of plan you will choose.

These are just some of the web hosting plans. There are still other types that are not mentioned here. This is why, before finalizing everything, you should first read everything about your provider, or your options like the policies and so on.