How Useful and Dangerous is The Internet

The Internet is a place that we go to in order to obtain the information that we require. In this 21st century, we look to the internet for practically everything. We use the internet for information, entertainment, the latest news, social media, games, buying or selling products, and communicating with our distant families and friends. The Internet is something that every single person uses regardless of their job as well; from teachers and students in schools and colleges to the workers or CEOs in any company now. This is because there are so many things that require the internet to either function or to be constantly updated. 

Our choice of Internet Service Providers also contributes to our use of the Internet. With that, we would usually need to compare and choose which internet service provider to choose from; more info here


Benefits of The Internet

  • Information

The internet contains almost any information that you seek. Even if it seems like there is no information about something that you seek, it is possible to look for anything else that would relate to the main information that you needed in the first place. 

When it comes to school assignments or even work-related assignments, looking for information through the internet is also useful. This is because of the time it saves compared to going to a library or in the work sense; going back and forth between companies/locations for documentation.


  • Entertainment (Music, Movies, and Games)
    We all love some form of entertainment in our lives. Some people like to enjoy music by streaming them on platforms such as Spotify while they carry out their daily activities like jogging or doing house chores. Other people like watching Movies and with the help of the Internet, sites like YouTube and Netflix can help entertain people. Then there are people that play games online. With the help of the internet, they are able to play games with no issue while making friends and honing their reaction time and problem-solving skills with these games.
  • Social Media

    Social media is something that we all use these days. We use social media for a lot of things. There is a good portion of us who use social media platforms to post pictures and keep in touch with people from all around the world. There is also a portion of people that use the social media platform to work. This would mean that they would use social media to market their product or brand, or even use social media to monitor their targeted demographic for their company.
  • Business
    In this modern day and age, almost every company in the world functions around the use of the internet for a lot of things. For example, the marketing team would be using the internet to monitor the market and their target demographic in order to ensure that their marketing strategy is always up to date and fully effective. Other departments could also use the Internet in order to store any form of data in any system that they would be using in order to ensure that the workflow in the company remains smooth. The Internet is also used when conducting meetings these days especially when there are people that need to attend said meeting but are unable to attend in person.
  • Communication
    When it comes to communication, we still use landlines or phones to contact our friends and family. But sometimes just their voice may not suffice. Therefore, we could Video Call them through Skype or Zoom to see them while talking to them. These would be made possible only with the help of the Internet because these applications run on the internet connection; the stronger the connection the clearer it would be when calling anyone who is on the other end. 


Disadvantages of The Internet

  • Cyberbullying
    In the modern era, bullying is no longer limited to physical. People now can get bullied through the internet with multiple reasons. None of those reasons warrants the bullying but these unfortunate events are an unsettling reality that we would need to live in. The Internet has made it a lot easier for bullies to target these poor individuals and unfortunately has led to many dire events such as suicide and severe depression and anxiety to name a few.
  • Indecent Exposure
    The internet has everything, “everything”. That means as much as there are nice things to see on the internet there are also bad things to see there. Some of these include the showing of pornography. The here showing of it is not the main issue, its the accessibility and the lack of security confirmation that happens before being able to enter said sites. This tends to fall under the responsibilities of the parents to enable age restrictions on their computers. Unfortunately, there is no restrictions that parents could put on their friend’s phone which also has access to the Internet.
  • Inability to Disconnect from Work
    The internet is practically our work for the most part. This is because of how the internet ties into our work we do not ever truly leave the internet. This, unfortunately, results in people being so engrossed with the internet, which then causes them to lack in social life which would then, in turn, result in them having loneliness and depression to an extent.
  • Identity Theft and Viruses
    The Internet is also one of the main tools that are used by people to commit cyber crimes. These crimes range from small scams to identity theft that would bring dire consequences. These can harm people financially or even physically when looked at in situations such as blackmail and such. These criminals get most of their information about their targets through the use of the internet. This unfortunately has no real solution as most of our information has to be on the internet, it would then have to depend on the cybersecurity that we have access to in order to protect our information.

Lack of Focus on Real World
The internet is also very addicting. The addiction that people have to the Internet can be very bad because the internet can feel like a world of its own. This causes some people to use the internet to escape any negative reality that they live in. Although this can be a good thing, it becomes bad when people do not leave the internet world and detach from reality. This causes a lot of problems for the person in the long run.