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How the User Experience Help Shape the Future of Mobile App Development?

The Future of Mobile App Development

If you notice the prevailing trend over the past years, you will find that we are now shifting to a more “mobile” world. Now, the word itself can be used in many contexts. It can be used to refer to movement and it can also be used to refer to portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

We used to love using our desktops for pretty much anything. If I want to find more information about a particular thing, I will use an internet browser and use Google. If I want to buy something off of Amazon, I would use my desktop computer as well.

Then we adopted the global use of laptops and for a time, that was our go-to “mobile” device. Sure, you can bring it with you anywhere, but it still has that bulkiness as well, at least, when compared to a smartphone.

Since 2011, as more smartphones emerge, we finally have the means to use a truly portable device that can access the internet and it also comes with the ability to run programs (known as apps) that have very different features.

Now that you know how important smartphones have become in recent years, we are joined by Bob Egan, CEO and founder of the Seraphim Group of mobile analysts, to discuss how the user experience has affected mobile app development.

How Did App Development Shift its Focus to a Much Improved User Experience?

There were 2 huge shake-ups in the industry. The first one was when people learned that smartphones existed and it can rival the performance of desktop and laptop computers. The second one was back when app developers only code the design elements for one particular operating system. This presents some problems when used in the other operating system and vice versa.

What Do Companies Need to Know Before Developing Mobile Applications?

You have to use a “mobile first” approach. What this means is that whenever you design something, may it be an application or a website, you have to think about the people that are more eager to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

To provide the best experience, you have to use something like the reactive design so that any content on a website can be scaled down to mobile devices perfectly.

What is Considered to Be the Biggest Challenge Yet in Mobile App Development?

The main challenge is just the pace of the mobile app development industry as a whole. Even if you’ve done strides to ensure that you adhere to the latest and greatest technologies and standards, you might still find yourself “outdated” in some areas.

Furthermore, the demand for app creation has soared ever since so mobile app development company might have a hard time keeping up with app development backlogs.

How Do Organizations Balance the Users’ Different Needs and Security?

Well, app developers should make it a point to streamline the entire process. If one person decides to use their computer to check their bank account, that same person should also do the same when using the mobile app. In addition, the information across the board should sync perfectly to avoid any misinformation or outdated data.

Developers should also think about mobile security as well. Think about encryption to bolster an app’s security.