5 Blogs that New Bloggers Can Take Inspiration from

If you’re contemplating starting your own blog, there is a huge chance that you do not know exactly how to make it successful. Sure, you have an idea on the topics that you want to write about, but you know very well that your content is just one part of the equation.

Since the inception of the internet, millions and millions of blogs have been created. The vast majority already died due to a variety of different reasons, such as the audience’s lack of interest or the owners not being interested in creating content anymore.

However, there are those that, to this day, is still working really well and the owners of these blogs are generating a steady stream of income.

Today, I want to give you some inspiration by talking about blogs that have been successful over the years.


Although the name of the blog is kind of hard to pronounce, the blog itself is actually quite easy to navigate. This blog contains articles about how to become your own boss and amass wealth in your own terms.

Aside from written content, the blog also has podcasts that are quite popular on iTunes as well. Podcasts, as the blog puts it, can be a great avenue for people who want to earn money in this day and age.


This technology blog is so amazing that I have followed it since its early days on the web. That being said, I love how the owner of the blog marries both black and white colors in a way that creates an aesthetically-pleasing design.

The main or popular content has much bigger thumbnails and titles, while the other ones (that are older) have smaller pictures matched with smaller font sizes.

Aside from that, the owner makes use of the menus really well by categorizing the different articles he has put up over the years.


A lot of people do not like the idea of working in a company, especially if the rules are too strict and rigid. Side Hustle Nation is a blog that comprises of different entrepreneurs that are willing to impart their knowledge to help people become their own bosses.

Their blog posts contain highly-actionable information that will help you get an additional stream of income apart from your main job. They also create podcasts as well.

Motherhood Diaries

Building a community using a blog is a great way to get as many people to join in as possible. The owner of the blog not only creates articles about parenting solutions for parents and would-be parents, but her website is also an avenue for her audience to ask questions and to share their experiences online as well.

She makes use of targeted keywords to help her drive as much traffic to her blog as possible. She also ensures that she shares her blog posts on social media too.

I Am Food

Made by a food blogger with the passion of sharing her recipes to the world, Stephanie Le is one that has the knack for creating actionable articles (complete with recipes) while also having a simple-looking blog design.