3 The Best Casino Games

The casino floors around the country are littered with games meant to attract and, let’s be honest, take money from gamblers. Every casino game has odds in favour of the house, putting players at a disadvantage. Gambling is a well-known reality, but you surely know how much fun it can be when you play at pussy888 Malaysia.

Certain games at a casino have better odds than others, and no two games are the same. If you’ve lately visited a casino and come away empty-handed, you may be playing the incorrect game.

Here are 3 casino games you should play. This list takes into account a game’s potential revenue as well as its entertainment value.



My #1 pick on this list may be a touch biassed. Blackjack has long been one of my favourite card games, even when no money is involved. Real money blackjack is one of the most entertaining games since it is mentally stimulating, complex, and involves fundamental strategy.

While blackjack’s entertainment value is important, it also provides some of the finest odds in the casino. The house edge varies with each casino but is normally between 0.3 and 1%.

Notably, these odds are based on a gambler playing the game perfectly. Blackjack’s basic rules appeal to unskilled and new bettors. If you aren’t too shy, try your hand at blackjack.


If you hear shouting across a casino floor, it’s probably from a craps table. Craps, albeit more difficult than blackjack, is a fun table game.

The rules of craps are initially complex but may be mastered after a few sessions at the table. You can bet on whether the individual rolling the dice wins by rolling a 7 or an 11, or loses by rolling a 2, 3, or 12.

Craps Table Dice Rolling

However, if the dice roller does not roll one of those numbers after the first roll, then the goal changes. Craps has some of the best odds of any casino table game. Some games provide greater odds than blackjack. Before you put money down at a craps table, learn the rules. With some of the best odds, it’s also easy to lose money quickly.



Poker is one of the best casino games, whether you choose Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Seven-Card Stud. Unlike other table games, you are not playing against the house. Depending on the type of poker you play, you’ll be up against other eager gamblers.

Most casinos include poker rooms where you can enter tournaments for various poker games. Because you’re competing against other players rather than the casino, the odds aren’t as good as in blackjack or craps.

If you’re new to gambling, I recommend skipping poker. Unlike blackjack, players won’t openly give tips if you stand in their way of winning. It’s worth learning about poker, no matter what kind you play. The games are fun, and the approach is personal. Also, if you can read people well, poker may be for you.